Welcome to the Independent Buddhist website.

  Our mission is to help you achieve authentic spiritual knowledge – that is to say, genuine insight into the ultimate realms of your being  – without the need for any kind of faith, belief, doctrine or dogma. This is what constitutes the Independent Buddhist Quest. Clarity and independence of mind is not an easy task – given the way we humans are normally inclined to think – and it will certainly take some time and effort, but it can be done. And, along the way, you will not have to change your lifestyle, or join a group, or attend meetings, or submit to a guru, or go on a special diet, or indulge in any exotic practices. Nor will you have to meditate, pray, chant, fast, visit temples, or be mindful. You don’t even have to be a saintly, selfless, or wonderful person. You can just be yourself.

All you will need, at the beginning, is a certain capacity for objective thought, coupled with a certain quiet determination.We hope to provide you with all the resources you will need – free of charge – to get started on this ultimate quest for genuine spiritual knowledge. Or, if you have already begun, we hope we can supply some useful ideas which will help get further along the path.

But please understand, right from the outset, that your acquisition of objective spiritual knowledge, which in turn will result in your most meaningful inner transformation, will, unfortunately, not happen overnight. You will need to be very patient, and very persistent. For some reason, this is the way it always goes.  But, when all is said and done, is there really anything else worth striving for ? Let me answer on your behalf: no.

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