About the site: Our objective is to set you on the one and only right path to spiritual insight, so that you can explore the ultimate realms of your own spiritual being for yourself – and by yourself – with maximum clarity and certainty. As far as possible, all you will need for your Quest will be freely available here in written form, so you do not need to part with any money, join a group, or travel to exotic locations. 

About Peter Eastman: He has been involved in Buddhist counselling, mentoring and instruction for over 35 years. He has degrees in psychology, philosophy and Buddhist studies from the University of London. He has also written extensively on Buddhism. His aim is to teach you the basics of ‘the way of the Buddha’ in the most straightforward and interesting way possible; and for this you will not need any special talents or educational expertise, only a genuine and lasting interest in the ultimate truths of life and existence.