Buddhist counselling & mentoring contact


It is no longer possible (due to time constraints) for me – Peter Eastman – to offer one-to-one
personalised Buddhist counselling, mentoring or life coaching. However: if you have questions 
relating to objective Buddhistic/metaphysical exploration, and much more importantly – 
questions relating to the quest for your ultimate fulfilment and enlightenment – 
I will try to answer them as best I can – and answer them 
free of charge (!)  
if you send them to me at the email address below. 
(Our only concern here is with a simple clarity of thought in the service
of objective metaphysics – such that we can get to the bottom of this weird mess
 that we find ourselves in, and thereby ultimately resolve – for one and for all – 
the mysterious predicament of the human condition.)

 [email protected]

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